Stockton Astronomical Society

Who Is SAS?...


Our goal is to promote
Astronomy and have fun
in the process.


Welcome letter from the SAS President,

About the SAS

• The purpose of the SAS is to foster interest in, and promote the general knowledge of, astronomy and related sciences

and have fun in the process.

• We are located in Stockton City within the San Joaquin Valley of California, U.S.A.

• The SAS offers lecture and tutorial programs, viewing opportunities at schools, and monthly public viewings at

Oak Grove Regional Park, Delta College and special astronomical events.

• The SAS was founded by a group of local astronomy enthusiasts led by Stockton physician Clarence Custer

and we've been looking up ever since.

SAS Meetings

• Meetings of the Stockton Astronomical Society are held on the second Thursday of each month and are open to the public.

• The meetings are held both in person at the San Joaquin County Office of Education within the Wentworth Education Center in the Harmony Grove Lab at 2707 Transworld Dr, Stockton CA, 95206.  Meetings are also over Zoom web conference.

SAS Newsletter

• "Valley Skies" is the monthly newsletter of the Stockton Astronomical Society.

• "Valley Skies" is distributed to the members of the SAS by email.

Membership Information & Dues

• The SAS membership is pro-rated on a calendar year basis.

• Basic membership is $30.00 per calendar year, and includes the entire family.

• Student membership is $15.00 per calendar year, and is available for any individual enrolled full-time in any school.

• These dues are used to publish the monthly newsletter and maintain the club owned equipment.