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Sky Tours Information
     [download Sky Tours information and schedule (10.5 KB PDF file)]

Stockton Astronomical Society, on behalf of the Clever Planetarium at San Joaquin Delta College, presents SKY TOURS, a free public star party providing telescope viewing of the night sky.

On one Friday evening each month, weather permitting, viewers will be able to observe craters on the Moon, any bright planets that are in the evening sky, some of the brighter deep sky objects such as nebulae and globular clusters, and possibly another galaxy or two.

Volunteers from the Stockton Astronomical Society provide the telescopes. They will answer your questions and help you to gain familiarity with the seasonal progression of the constellations.

Sky Tours sessions are subject to cancellation without notice if the sky is overcast.

Directions to Sky Tours at Delta College.
For more information contact Dave Jacobi.


Public Star Party at Oak Grove Regional Park
     [download Astronomy in the Park information and schedule (12.5 KB PDF file)]

Members of the Stockton Astronomical Society will volunteer to setup their telescopes for the public at S.J. County Oak Grove Regional Park on the first Saturday after the New Moon.

During the months of April through October the Nature Center will also be open with indoor astronomy activities. If the sky is cloudy or there is bad weather the telescopes may not be available.

During the months of November through March the Nature Center will not be open. Also, if the sky is not clear the event may be canceled and we will try again the next month.

For more information call:

S.J. Parks
(209) 953-8814

Doug Christensen
Stockton Astronomical Society
(209) 462-0798
Email: spacecadetdoug@gmail.com

Eric Holland
Stockton Astronomical Society
Email: croessus@yahoo.com

Directions to Oak Grove Regional Park.

Public Star Party Schedule
Location: Date: Time: Probable Targets:
Sky Tours at Delta College (Athletics 1 parking lot) Friday
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Moon, Orion Nebula, The Pleiades
Location: Date: Time: Objects:
Astronomy in the Park at Oak Grove Regional Park Saturday
Sunset: 5:55 pm

No indoor activities at the Nature Center are scheduled
The Moon, Orion Nebula, The Pleiades

Deep Sky Object: Perseus Double Cluster

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